How Do Narcissists Feel When their Former Supply Is Looking Good?


 Number 1: Narcissists will feel like they’ve lost their Edge.

 When a former Supply is looking good and doing well, a narcissist will feel like they have to compete with them. Narcissists will feel like they’ve lost their Edge. They’ll feel like they’re no longer the center of attention. Narcissists don’t like to be outdone by anyone, so when you look better than them, it will hurt the narcissist’s ego. They might even sabotage your success to get back at you for making them look bad.

 Narcissists feel like they’ve been replaced when the former Supply looks good. They might think: “I used to make them look bad but now they look great, how did that happen”. Narcissists will try to get their attention back on themselves by doing things like complimenting the other person or making a sarcastic joke about them. This will make the narcissist feel powerful again and help them regain confidence.

 Number 2: Narcissists will often feel insecure and threatened.

 When a narcissist’s former Supply starts looking good they will often feel threatened and insecure. The Narcissist will begin to feel insecure and threatened by the fact that their ex has moved on.

Their insecurities may cause them to lash out at their ex or try to sabotage their relationship because they’re so jealous of what they see. Anything that makes the narcissist feel less special, they can’t help but feel threatened. They will do anything in their power to regain control over those around them by trying to make themselves look better than ever before.

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