Here Is What Happens When The Narcissist Sees You As Strong


1. The narcissist will turn to play the victim to get you to empathize with them.

When they realize flattery and charm are not enough to win you over, they will resort to playing the victim to win your pity and empathy. We need to realize that Narcissists are not bothered by what emotions you have towards them. They just need something to work with. So be it love, admiration, pity, or hate, they will take what they can get. Because your emotional investment means that they matter, that they are relevant to you in some way.

Therefore, if they can get you to feel sorry for them, then that is the angle they will keep working with, and then also throw in some flattery and charm on top of that to help seal the deal. But appealing to our empathetic nature and getting us to feel sorry for them is usually the Narcissist’s last-ditch attempt to bring us under their control. They would blatantly lie about being ill or some other misfortune.

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And in some instances, even intentionally create their own misfortune to grab your attention. They would sulk or cry and insist that you are the only one who can help them. Narcissists are brilliant actors and actresses and are willing to stoop to any level to gain the necessary control they require. Because when the Narcissist views you as strong, they will pretend to be weak. They will crawl into your life feigning humility and vulnerability. The Narcissist only wants to control you so that they can break you.

 So, even though you may have helped them out of a ditch, they would turn around and push you into that same ditch and walk away without any remorse. The objective of the Narcissist is always to try and bring people under their control by whatever means necessary. That is why they will feign being in love with you or they will feign being a victim only to trap you.

 And when they are able to make someone weak who was once strong, it really boosts their ego into thinking that they are indeed stronger and better. And with great delight, they would strip you of everything they can and then kick you to the curb.

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