Am I in a Trauma Bond? Top 5 Signs you are in a Trauma Bonded Relationship


 1. You walk on eggshells

You walk on eggshells in order to avoid upsetting the other person, and you do not feel free to voice your opinion or to express your feelings because this might anger or cause problems with that person.

 When times are good and going well, you usually will go out of your way to try and keep the other person happy as they are in this moment. You extend yourself far beyond what should be required to keep another person happy. You can be, at least, preoccupied thinking about how to please this person.

 Anytime that you feel uneasy to be yourself around someone you’re in a relationship with, any time that you don’t feel free to speak your mind or voice your opinion, anytime you feel you are spending too much time on how to keep that other person happy or to avoid conflict, is definitely a sign that you might very well be in a trauma bonded relationship, and you certainly should take a much closer look at things. This is a big indicator of an abusive relationship.

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