9 Things You Should Never Say To a Narcissist


Number 2: Stay in your integrity.

In other words, no selling your soul to the devil. No going along just to get along. Do not agree with something that you fundamentally do not agree with or something that you know is not true. Now that said, choose your battles wisely. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all. You should never say anything that compromises your values, your integrity, or your boundaries just to appease the narcissist.

Neither should you ever say anything that shows you backing down from your own moral standard, your principles, dignity, personal integrity, sense of self-respect, or your personal truth for that matter. If need be, say nothing. But do not sell your soul to keep the peace. That is a slippery slope and one that gets progressively worse, not better, over time. Better you should stand firmly grounded in your personal integrity from the get-go. They may not like it, but you don’t have to care.

Number 3: Show no fear.

You should never say anything that shows you’re afraid of them, even if on some level you are. Narcissists are toxic emotional bullies and predators. Showing fear isn’t going to help you. Instead, maintain a posture of calm, cool, collected, detached observation in so much as you’re able. Remain not emotional to the best of your ability, bored even, completely flat, but with zero fear, and watch them back off faster than they might otherwise.

Now that said, if there’s a reason to be afraid for your personal safety, then please leave the situation as soon as you can immediately if possible, and do not go back. That’s not showing fear, it’s showing wisdom, discernment, common sense, and self-respect. Either way, no fear. Just be smart.

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