9 Demeaning Things Narcissists Say

Number 1: “I cheated on you because you never gave me what I wanted. You made me do it.”

Translation and real meaning: I cheated on you because I am a serial cheater. Disloyalty is in my personality. I need to have multiple people providing me supply at one given time, otherwise, I’ll get bored. You aren’t enough for me, in fact, no one is because I am not enough in myself. I cheated on you because I wanted to do it, not because you made me do it, but because I want you to feel responsible so that I can blame and shame you. I want you to feel guilty because I can’t, so you have to. I need to evade accountability, so I will make it about your inadequacy when, in reality, you have done nothing wrong. You have done everything in your capacity to make me happy.

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Number 2: “Don’t you remember how good things were at the beginning?”

Translation: My mask is about to fall or I am about to lose control over you, so I am rekindling the fake love to confuse you, shift your focus from reality, and keep you trapped in the spider web of my lies. I can’t let you go so easily. Why don’t you understand? I’m strategically making you think about the good times so that you forget about the bad ones while getting sucked into the emotions I made you feel once. I am making you think about hope and the possibility of a relationship working out, so that you stay and give it a chance when it deserves none.

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