9 Behaviors of Wives Who Are Abused By Narcissist Husbands


 Number 1: You develop self-doubt.

 When you first met your husband, he seemed like a regular guy, maybe even a little shy. But as time went on, he began to change. He started belittling you, criticizing your every move, and telling you that you weren’t good enough for him or anyone else. It was hard to understand why he would treat you so poorly when you only wanted to make him happy.

 Since everything is about them and their needs, it’s no surprise that your needs get pushed aside; this leads to the development of self-doubt. You start doubting your opinions and thoughts and second-guessing yourself. You might wonder if you’re too sensitive or harsh, not doing enough for your children, or just plain wrong about everything.

 You also start to believe that maybe your husband isn’t a narcissist; perhaps it’s all in your head. This can lead to anxiety and depression on your part, leading to more criticism from your husband, and the cycle continues.

 Number 2: You lose trust in people, especially those close to you.

 The effects of mental abuse can be devastating and extend far beyond the suffering person. In addition to the anxiety, you may feel from the abuse, you may also experience trust issues toward those closest to you. You feel you can’t rely on anyone, making it hard for you to open up and form relationships with others.

 You may also avoid getting close to others because of the fear that they may hurt you. You lose this trust because your narcissistic husband has conditioned you to believe that everyone else is out to get you. You might feel like you constantly have to watch what you say and do around others because they’ll just use it against you later on.

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