7 Ways a Narcissist Treats You When You’re Sick

7 Ways a Narcissist Treats You When You're Sick


When you are sick, a narcissist’s behavior tends to center around their own needs and desires rather than showing genuine concern for your well-being. They may display a lack of empathy, downplay the severity of your illness, or dismiss your symptoms altogether. Their focus often shifts towards seeking attention and maintaining control, potentially through attention-seeking behaviors or manipulation.

One of the expectations that you have from your loved ones, especially your partner, is that they would be there for you when you are in a vulnerable position in your life, when you’re struggling and you need someone to be there to support you. But guess what? When that time comes in your life, the narcissist is the first one to run away. The narcissist is the first one to display absolute and pure selfishness and self-centeredness and abandon you in the middle of nowhere without giving a damn about what happens to you.

It is when you fall ill or when you get sick that they leave you on your own, and you are supposed to take care of yourself. And that is when you are shocked to your core because the way they treat you is beyond unacceptable. And that is what we are going to talk about in today’s article.

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