7 Intelligent Ways to Deal With Toxic People


 Number 7. Do Not Trust or Share Secrets with Gossipers.

 If someone gossips about others to you, you can be sure they gossip about you to others. Never trust someone that doesn’t respect other people’s privacy and breaks their trust just for the sake of gossiping. If they can break someone else’s trust, they can break yours too, and you letting them in and trusting them with your secrets is just an accident waiting to happen.

 Limit the number of people that know your secrets. Open up only with people that you know are good people. Never put someone that you don’t completely trust in a position where they have the power to hurt you. Backstabbers hurt the most because you never see it coming. Choose your friends wisely.

Number 6. Avoid manipulative people.

You fight with someone and feel hurt. You know in your heart that you’re right and that they need to apologize, but when you go and talk to them, they make you feel like you’re the one who’s to blame and you’re the one responsible for everything. If this happens continuously, then I hate to break it to you, but you’re being manipulated.

 Toxic people have a knack for knowing how to shift the blame and making you feel like you’re the one who’s responsible when clearly, you’re the victim. You go seeking an apology, but you’re the one who ends up apologizing every time. This isn’t because you’re always wrong or always make the wrong choices. It’s because toxic people know how to always make you feel that way.

If this keeps happening to you in a relationship, try to distance yourself from that person and get some clarity as to what is really happening. If you feel like you might be being manipulated, then leave as soon as possible.

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