6 Things That Hurt a Narcissist Forever!

Number 3: Being discarded.

The third thing that will crush a narcissist forever is being discarded. If you’re the one who ends the relationship and walks away, you hold so much power over a narcissist. The narcissist always wants to be the one who ends things. They always want to be the one in control. They can guarantee that they have a new supply to go to. They can end things their way on their terms. And if they’re the ones who walk away, it makes it so much easier for them to cry a sob story, play the victim, garner sympathy, and supply support from other people. Also helps them run a more successful smear campaign against you. They’ll say things like, “Oh, I had to leave. They were lying, cheating, this, that, and the other.” Again, much easier for them to play the victim.

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All of this you strip them off when you’re the one who bounces out. They may not have new supply lined up fully. They might have supply, but it’s not something they’re interested in making long-term supply. They can still lie and cry the blues to people, but it’s not going to work as well because you’re the one who walked away. You ended the relationship. You cut them off, possibly as far as having a place to live or money, etc. So when you pull the plug and walk away, this is devastating to them. Plus, let’s toss back in here as well, they never expect you to do this. They never expect you to go and stay gone. So when you do this, it’s something they’re not soon likely to forget, and it affects them deeply. So if you want more information about that, go back to number two again.

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