5 Weaknesses All Narcissists Have But Don’t Want You To Know


Number 1: Lack of self-reflection.

 In order to mature, we must accept the defects and failures that we all have from time to time, because taking into account all of these weaknesses and mistakes will eventually help a person grow. But what happens when it comes to a narcissist? Everything that is wrong in their life is someone else’s fault, they can never make a mistake, and as a result, they remain trapped in a never-ending cycle of victimhood.

 They want to be seen as ultimate and perfect, yet in truth and practice, they are victims of their own Deeds. They never mature because they never learn from their mistakes, which is due to the fact that they never identify their mistakes in the first place. Growth is lacking in their lives, which is why if you leave a narcissist in a psychological situation or in any other fashion, you will find them in the same state 10 years from now. That’s for sure.

 Number 2: They do not believe in working together and only want to compete.

 A narcissist is very self-absorbed; they are only concerned about themselves. It is their well-being that is most important. However, in an environment where teamwork is required for progress, this can be extremely dangerous. If you’re in a situation where you’re only focusing on yourself, how will you progress if you’re not accepting any form of assistance?

 Let’s take a look at a situation where two parents are co-parenting and both are supposed to be involved in the proper upbringing of the kids. However, the narcissist just cares about winning the kid’s favor. They want to be the more likable parent out of the two, and they want the kids to elevate this narcissist on a pedestal. What this does is destroy the children because the narcissist is unconcerned about discipline or the impact of a lack of boundaries. The narcissist is unconcerned about uplifting or lifting the children or indulging them, they are unconcerned about the trauma it creates.

 Essentially, as a co-parent, they would do anything to ensure that they won against you and that you appeared to be the insane one. However, the children may take more of the narcissist side and isolate you, keep some form of distance from you, or believe that you are a horrible parent in comparison to The Narcissist. Everything you do with them is a competition. It can never be cooperation because for it to be collaboration, The Narcissist must think beyond himself. They must consider you and your requirements, which they’re unable to do. The only person, the only needs that matter to them are their own needs.

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