5 Things That Threaten A Narcissist

1. Criticism

The first thing that threatens a narcissist is criticism. You can simply offer them constructive feedback or well-intended advice, and they perceive this as a personal attack on them, which often escalates the conflict. And what you’ll often notice if you offer a piece of advice to a narcissist, they take offense, they attack you, and then two weeks later, they come back like it was their idea in the first place, as you stand there a bit bewildered, thinking, “Sure, I said that.” And that’s when we have to keep our egos in check and not say, “Well, I don’t.” You just have to think, “I see,” and leave them to it.

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2. Rejection.

 Most people don’t like rejection. This is when we have to recognize that we’ve not been rejected; we’ve just been redirected and find a new path in our life. However, with a narcissistic person, whether it’s real or perceived rejection, narcissistic people take everything to a whole new level, including rejection. So, by simply meeting up with your friends, a narcissist takes this as a rejection, which is often why they isolate you from your friends and family, amongst other reasons.

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 When they feel like they’re not the most important person in your world, they get offended. You have to be cautious because rejection provokes strong feelings within a narcissist of their fear of abandonment, and they go all out to regain control over the situation. And they can confront you with some very strong reactions when they feel like they’re being rejected. They can go to rage, threats, and intimidation, or they can go to passive-aggressive silent treatments and sulks.

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