5 Signs God is Showing You The Narcissist

Sign 1: Unexplained events happen in your life about narcissistic abuse.

These unexplained events bring out the real side of a narcissist because you know, at the beginning of the relationship especially, they love bomb you a lot. You get to see the nicest version of them, they shower you with love, they do this, that, and the other for you just to get your attention and bypass that critical factor so that they can trap you. But if God shows you or chooses to show you any sign during this stage, something unexplained happens. For example, you get to face some kind of hardship or adversity where you need their intervention, the narcissist’s help, and the narcissist chooses to run away. Their selfishness comes out and all their fake promises are exposed.

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When life takes you by surprise or you’re hit by something really big, they leave you in the middle of this crisis, they choose not to help. And later, when everything is okay and you have dealt with that crisis, they come back worried and crying for you and apologizing, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know what to do. I was so worried.” And try to pretend like they love you a lot. It is at that moment you are given a choice to see through them. But most of us, unfortunately, fall for the narcissist’s facade. Not because we are weak, but because of the narcissist’s extremely manipulative nature.

If something like this happens in the early stages of the relationship, for sure know it is an intervention from God. You are being given help. And do not let the narcissists, do not let their evil get you. Do not let them manipulate you, or gaslight you. Do not let them change your perception. See it for what it is, not how they want you to perceive it.

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