14 Traits of The Nice Guy Narcissist

Number 1: They have a great reputation, and everybody just loves them.

The “nice narcissist” has an excellent reputation, and they are generally well-liked by everyone. This suggests that they are perceived as socially adept and respected by their peers.

Number 2: Kind, charming…

They are funny, they are kind, they are charming, they’re even empathic, and they build trust and bonds with people quickly and easily.

Number 3: Genuinely doing things.

Actually genuinely doing things for other people, and they are making authentic sacrifices. Now, as I say, those three traits could apply to genuine people, but the rest of the traits we’re going to give you will show you that these people are not actually that nice.

A Book: Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men.

Number 4: Dominance.

Over time, as you’ve spent more time around them and they don’t feel that urge to try and impress you to secure narcissistic supply from you, they feel like they’ve got you. You’ll see that many of the conversations that you have with them, and when they’re there with other people, they dominate the conversation.

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