10 Weird Texting Habits of Narcissists


 Number 3: They Brag About Themselves A Lot.

Narcissists are obsessed with themselves, they constantly brag about how amazing they are and how successful their life is… but these are lies. They want you to know they’re important, which means they’ve got a lot of stuff to brag about, so don’t be surprised if your narcissist texts you a lot about their accomplishments, new job, or the awards they have won at work.

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 Narcissists often text about how Superior they are to other people and the things they have done. They love to brag about their ability to manipulate others, and they think it makes them look strong but shows off their insecurity.

 Number 4: They Use Generic or Lazy Texts.

Narcissists are known for their ability to be Charming and manipulative, but did you know that text messages can be another way for them to show off their self-centered Tendencies? You’re probably wondering why the narcissist in your life texts you with the same old lines. It’s because narcissists are lazy, they don’t want to put any effort into their interactions with you so they use generic texts that they’ve used on others in the past.

 Narcissists don’t want to express their true feelings, so they repeatedly use exact phrases. This is a way to control the conversation by always being in control of what’s said. It also makes it easier for them to avoid arguing about something.

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 Number 5: They Don’t Ask Questions About You.

Narcissistic people are self-centered and only care about themselves. They don’t care about your problems, interests, or feelings… they only want to talk about themselves. They may ask questions about you when trying to manipulate you into doing something for them. Still, narcissists won’t ask questions just because they genuinely want to know more about you. So when a narcissist texts you, they’re not going to ask how your day was or what’s new with you, they will tell you something about themselves and wait for a response, even if they ask how your day is, it’s most likely because they want something from you.

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