10 Ways How a Super Empath Leaves a Narcissist Miserable.


 10. By Leaving Them Hanging.

 It’s funny how narcissists are so good at love-bombing super empaths as if they’re the most precious creatures they ever have; well, of course, they are. Super empaths are narcissists’ oxygen suppliers. Narcissists literally can’t live without an empath’s presence, and if they ever lose them, they’ll surely experience a total blackout.

 However, super empaths aren’t afraid to leave narcissists because they’re always fine without anyone anyway. Thus, instead of continually tolerating justifying their abusive behaviors, they walk away- as simple as that.

 9. By Bouncing Back The Odd Traits, The Narcissist Has Projected Them.

 Super empaths are so good at being a reflection of someone else’s character. The super empath’s reflective character blinds and burns narcissists to death as they slowly become the narcissist’s narcissist. The gracious empath will perfectly imitate the narcissist’s ugly nature, and nothing irritates narcissists more than that.

 By hurling back the anxiety, tension, and stress the weak narcissist has caused, super empaths can emotionally and mentally melt a narcissist with their own fire.

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