10 Types Of People Narcissists Respect

Number 1: Enablers.

Enablers are individuals who support and validate the behavior of narcissists, contributing to the reinforcement of their inflated sense of self. Narcissists play a significant role in the dynamics of a narcissistic relationship. They are often codependent individuals who have their own emotional needs and insecurities. Narcissists are drawn to enablers because they provide the validation and support they crave. Enablers may praise narcissists excessively, overlook their faults or harmful actions, and make excuses for their behavior.

Number 2: High Achievers.

High achievers are one of the types that narcissists tend to respect and admire. Narcissists have a hierarchy of people they admire, and high achievers are among them. They see high achievers as a reflection of their self-worth. The narcissist may idolize the high achievers’ accomplishments and view them as a symbol of success. By associating with individuals who have achieved great things, the narcissist hopes to enhance their self-esteem and reputation through proximity. They may feel a sense of superiority by being associated with someone successful and accomplished. Narcissists often crave external validation and use the achievements of others to bolster their fragile self-image.

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Number 3: Admirers and Followers.

Narcissists crave attention and praise from others to fuel their inflated sense of self-importance and maintain their fragile self-esteem. As a result, they tend to respect and value individuals who fulfill this need by consistently providing them with admiration. Admirers and followers play a crucial role in narcissists’ lives because they provide the validation and affirmation that these egomaniacs crave. These individuals are typically enamored by the narcissist’s charm, achievements, or perceived superiority. They may constantly praise the narcissist, shower them with compliments, and seek their attention and approval.

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