10 Things Your NO CONTACT Tells The Narcissist


 Number 1: You are not afraid of them.

 Narcissists thrive on power and control and need their victims to be afraid of them to maintain their power. The more you show your fear, the more motivated they’ll be to come after you. They feed on your anxiety and gain energy from it. Narcissists enjoy being feared because it makes them feel powerful and vital.

 Going no contact will show narcissists you are no longer afraid of them. Once you go no contact, they will often try to intimate you or make threats against your safety just to contact them again. Narcissists tend to become more hostile with threats and insults until they can instill fear in you again.

 Number 2: You don’t listen to their lies anymore.

 Narcissists have a way of making everything about them, even when it isn’t. They tell lies to make themselves look good and to get what they want. If your no contact is successful, you’ve stopped listening to the narcissist’s Lies. When you finally stop believing those lies and start seeing through the narcissist’s tricks, it becomes easier to see how toxic they are.

 Narcissists still start to lose control over you because they know they can no longer convince you about everything they might say. When you go no contact, you’re no longer interested in what the narcissist says because you know it will be full of manipulation and deceit. You’ll catch on to the fact that everything they say is a part of their game.

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