10 Things You Should Never Do To A Narcissist


 Number 1: Never bring up the fact that they are a narcissist.

 When dealing with a narcissist, exposing them is a No-No. When you tell a narcissist they are, they will inevitably lash out and rage or worse, punish you for exposing them. If at all possible, avoid confronting them with the fact that they are a narcissist. When exposing a narcissist, make sure you have proof. Expect them to smear you to undermine your credibility and provoke you into giving them fuel because they will cause havoc and drama before fleeing the scene. They will victimize themselves in front of others, making it appear as if you are attacking them.

 Say goodbye to your reputation because they can’t help themselves. Narcissists always end up exposing themselves; you don’t have to do anything except settle and wait because exposing them, constantly seems to backfire. Instead, just focus your energy on detaching and exiting relationships or friendships safely.

 Number 2: Never disclose your deepest traumas, fears, and insecurities to narcissists.

 Narcissists require superiority over others. It might turn into battleground weaponry when you reveal a lot to them, including your darkest secrets about your traumas, worries, and anxieties. Always be cautious about what you reveal to others, particularly, narcissists.

 Narcissistic people exploit anything you tell them against you. Everything you told them will be used against you to portray you as a mentally sick person. Instead, take your time to develop organic trust with someone and let their actions and patterns determine whether or not they are trustworthy.

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