10 Things Only Narcissists Say to You

10 Things Narcissists Will Never Tell You


Narcissists may seem charming at first, but they will likely suck you into a cycle of narcissistic manipulation that causes you to question yourself over time. They use covert narcissistic tactics like love bombing and gaslighting to manipulate you into continuing your relationship. In doing so, they tend to say a lot of common narcissistic phrases.

There are just those lines that resurface during every disagreement. Narcissists bring out those go-to statements. They’re the ones that leave you wondering: Are these people following a script? These remarks tend to trigger you almost every time.

Narcissists are loud, arrogant, and need to have the last word. Do these words reveal that someone is a narcissist? Do narcissists say these words to show dominance? Which words remarkably reveal a narcissist’s identity?

 In this article, we will give you the top 10 things a narcissist would say and what they mean.

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