10 Things Narcissists Will Never Tell You


 1: Their true intentions.

 Anyone who has dealt with a narcissist knows that the people in question aren’t exactly forthcoming with their intentions. Narcissists aren’t the dumb fellows you encounter in the streets; they are the ones who are smart enough to fool a bunch of people while climbing up the ladder to become the one who controls the herd. It takes an amount of intelligence to be able to do that.

Whether their measures are right or wrong does it matter to them; what matters most to narcissists is achieving the goal, and their methods for doing the job aren’t as moral as most of us would prefer. Narcissists hide behind their made-up personalities hiding the true intentions they have for doing anything. They don’t like people to know what they are up to behind the scenes because if it comes to that, the narcissists will be exposed.

 2: Insecurities.

 Narcissists are vulnerable when their secrets are out in the open and their secrets usually involve insecurities. Their insecurities are at the root of all their made-up reality, leading them to go on to Unthinkable links to compensate for what they lack. Narcissists want to stay at the top so they don’t say things about their insecurities. They see it as a human flaw that prevents them from reaching their full potential, a weakness that anyone can use to disadvantage them and this is pointing out the obvious, but narcissists don’t like to put their hearts out in the line. Narcissists try to appear as strong as possible even though they aren’t.

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