10 Things Narcissists Regret In Their Life


Number 1: Losing control of their victims.

 Narcissists like to be in control and don’t like it when they are not. They want to be able to manipulate people and get what they want. The narcissist is a puppet master and they want to keep you on a string for as long as possible. When someone breaks through the narcissist’s defenses and shows them that they don’t have control over that person, the narcissist regrets it.

 Narcissists can’t help to think about the mistake they could have made when someone can get under their skin and make them lose composure. They may become frustrated or angry when they cannot manipulate or control a situation or person. They might even try to get revenge on that person because it makes them feel better about themselves when they can regain control over their victim.

Number 2: Discarding their supply.

 The most common regret among narcissists is discarding their supply. Narcissists often have trouble maintaining long-term relationships; they can feel easily bored with the same person so they tend to move on as soon as they become familiar with their partner. But narcissists may regret discarding their supply if they start to realize how lonely they are without someone in their life who cares about them, especially when narcissists learn that their former Supply was an important part of their lives, they may feel guilty about it.

 Narcissists are prone to infidelity and cheating. They feel guilty about this in the early stage. Once they become bored with their current partner, they may look for a new source of narcissistic Supply and someone else who will serve them the way they want. Later, these narcissists won’t care about those who fall for their charm, in the end, getting discarded anyway.

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