10 Strange Traits of People Mentally Abused By Narcissists

Trait 1: Unsettled.

People who have experienced mental abuse from narcissists are tricky. The anxiety brought to them by The Narcissist makes them behave unsettlingly, acting sort of jumpy or fidgety. Victims have trouble staying still; they cannot seem to focus their attention and are constantly distracted. It could be that they are bombarded with too many negative thoughts, overthinking too much about things that have never even happened. So, they channel such thoughts into fidgets to somehow make it bearable, if not better. Other times, victims develop mannerisms due to this unsettled behavior, like biting their nails, rocking their feet, and tapping their fingers on tabletops.

Trait 2: Spiteful.

Mental abuse is an awful experience. A victim’s spiteful behavior is a natural response to the ill deeds of the abuser. Victims tend to take note of their awful experiences to amass grudges against their abuser, hoping that one day the tables will turn, and revenge will be theirs. The time to serve vengeance and justify their awful experience will come, especially for narcissists who act as if they are supreme. If you are a victim, you will get tired of always catering to their wishes, tired of them always treating you like a lowborn person. So, you want to make them bend on their knees and snatch that supremacy from them. Unable to achieve this revenge towards the narcissists will result in a spiteful nature. Victims unconsciously pour this rage into the people surrounding them.

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Trait 3: Over-compliant.

Compliance is adjusting one’s behavior to conform to a request or direction of other people. Over-compliance means overdoing compliance, wherein one always chooses to comply despite having the option to refuse the request or regardless of one’s capacity to comply with the request. This means doing something one does not want to do but does it anyway simply because someone else has asked. Victims often become over-compliant after mental abuse to avoid further abuse. It could also be that they still want to maintain their relationships with their abuser or other people.

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