10 Strange Behaviors of a Female Narcissist

Number 1: Obsession with Appearance.

Female narcissists, like their male counterparts, fixate on appearance to fulfill an insatiable need for external validation. This goes beyond looks, extending to crafting an image of sophistication and success—visible in high-end cars, affluent residences, and designer clothing. Financial constraints are disregarded, as they may accrue debt to project opulence. Children are strategically showcased to enhance the narcissist’s image despite conflicting private messages. This fixation is prominent in social settings where the narcissist adorns high-end fashion, creating an illusion of opulence. It’s vital to see beyond the facade, resisting sway by external appearances, and recognizing the emphasis on wealth. Individuals should prioritize genuine connections, fostering authenticity over materialistic allure.

What to do: Engage in conversations that delve beyond surface-level topics, seeking authenticity rather than falling prey to the narcissist’s image projection. Establishing connections based on shared values and meaningful dialogue can help discern genuine relationships from those founded on superficial displays.

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Number 2: Extraordinary Competitiveness and Jealousy.

Female narcissists harbor an unrelenting competitiveness, desiring to be perceived as the epitome of attractiveness, success, charm, and intelligence. This drive for supremacy often transforms healthy competition into a cutthroat environment, especially if another woman possesses attributes that threaten the narcissist’s self-perceived superiority.

When faced with such perceived threats, female narcissists resort to ruthless tactics, deploying criticism and humiliation to undermine their rivals. This intense competitive streak extends to the elimination of perceived threats within Social Circles where those who challenge their perceived dominance are unceremoniously expelled, ensuring The Narcissist remains unchallenged.

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