10 Reasons Narcissists Are Afraid of You


 Number 1: You are what you are.

 The narcissist is afraid of you because you are what you are. You have an identity and a sense of self that does not depend on them. You can be yourself without caring about what they think of you. They’re afraid of that because it means they don’t have control over you. Narcissists can’t manipulate you as easily. When they try, it backfires.

 The Narcissist doesn’t want to be seen for who they really are. They don’t like the truth so they keep it hidden. They can’t manipulate everyone all the time; you’re not going to fall for their tricks forever and that scares them. You see through their facade and they know it, so they try to get rid of you before this happens by making you doubt yourself or feel guilty about something that is your fault.

 Number 2: You have self-respect.

 A narcissist can’t stand it when they see you have self-respect. You have self-respect and they’re afraid of what that means for them. They do not respect themselves, so they try to get others to love them and validate their existence by doing whatever they want. When you have self-respect, you know what you want; you don’t let anyone tell you, otherwise.

 People do not walk all over you and get away with it. You have boundaries, which they dislike because they don’t have any. They’re afraid of being exposed so they attack your self-esteem, and seeing how much strength you can draw from within yourself makes them feel Weak and Powerless, which they despise Above All Else.

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