10 Most Effective Words that Will Crush Narcissists


 Number 1: “I don’t care.”

 It’s a simple phrase but it packs a punch. It can be devastating when you tell a narcissist that you don’t care about their opinions or feelings. They are used to being told they’re lovely, meaningful, or beautiful… hearing I don’t care will cut them down like nothing else. It’s not just because they want validation from everyone around them, they need to feel important and validated. To say “I don’t care” negates everything other people have ever told them; they are worth paying attention to and are special and unique.

 It’s a devastating blow to the narcissist’s ego and can be enough to make them crumble. It can be hard to understand why a narcissist would want so much validation in the first place. Still, it’s because they are essentially dying inside and they don’t have any sense of self and constantly seek outside approval to feel like they exist. When someone else validates and tells them they matter or that what they do is essential, it gives them legitimacy and makes them feel alive.

 Number 2: “No.”

 A narcissist will never hear the word no… they don’t want to listen to it, they don’t want to accept it, and they certainly don’t want you to say it. Narcissists don’t want to hear no and will do whatever it takes to avoid hearing it, making it difficult for others to say no when they need to. It can be incredibly hard for someone with narcissistic Tendencies to deal with rejection because this is where they feel most vulnerable.

 Narcissists are often Masters at manipulating and controlling others, which makes them even more dangerous when they can’t get what they want. If someone with narcissistic Tendencies wants something from you and asks for it, you must say “no.” if they ask again, repeat “no.” If they continue asking or pressuring you, it is time to get away from them before they do something harmful.

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