5 Reasons Why Narcissists Are Guaranteed To Hurt You

What Does The Narcissist Really Care About


Today I will be answering why I believe Narcissists cannot control their behaviour, specifically, when it comes to being evil or hurting people. It is something I mentioned in this article, and I got a few comments asking me why this is so. And a few other people state that they do think Narcissists have a choice and they just choose to do harm instead of good.

 Well, it all begins in the mind of the Narcissist, and whether you believe they are possessed by a demonic force or it is a mental illness, one thing is certain, is that the mind of the Narcissist operates very differently from someone who has empathy. So the choices that we may consider, when it comes to choosing between what is right and what is wrong, it is not the same for Narcissists.

 For example, when someone hurts us or offends us, we can choose between forgiving them and giving them another chance or being more difficult and choosing to hold on to these grudges and make them pay. Whereas Narcissists never forgive, that option is never considered.

So today, I’m going to share with you the top 5 Reasons Why Narcissists Are Guaranteed To Hurt You.

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